Frequently Asked Questions


+ What is a Milliner/ Millinery?

A Milliner is one who makes hats. Historically, a Milliner was specifically one who designed and made women's hats but the term has grown to encompass all hats regardless of gender

Millinery is therefore the work or business of making hats!

+ Where are the hats made?

Smith & Pedersen Millinery's hats are proudly designed and handcrafted in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

+ What's the difference between a S&P hat vs. a mass produced hat?

The most noticible difference is the quality. A Smith & Pedersen hat is handcrafted. Each hat is crafted by Amy in her Atelier using the finist materials and traditional techniques and tools. Millinery is a time-honoured craft and the labour and time that's involved in creating a Smith & Pedersen hat is long. From thought to finish, a Smith & Pedersen hat can take up to 5 days to produce.

Amy inspects each and every hat she crafts and ensures it's up to her standards. This means that your Smith & Pedersen hat will last you much longer than the one you find at the big commercial fashion store.

With mass produced hats, the cost is often representative of the quality and longevity. This includes the materials, manufacturing and those who are employed to fabricate the pieces. In order to keep retail prices low, these aspects are often disregarded.

+ What Materials are used?

Smith & Pedersen Millinery uses only the finest materials. Some favourite materials of Amy are: felt, straw, vintage and antique ribbon, feathers, veiling, gold leafing and millinery flowers.

The felt used for Smith & Pedersen Millinery hats is stiffened with an odour-free millinery grade hat stiffener.

+ "I don't think I can pull off hats"

This is something Amy hears ALL of the time. Her response to this is that you just haven't found YOUR hat! When you find YOUR hat, you will feel like a million dollars. A hat can bring an immense sense of confidence like no other accessory or piece of clothing.

+ How long will my hat last?

This is a tricky question to answer. The reason it's so tricky is because it depends on the owner of the hat. How you store it, how you pack it when traveling, and even when you wear it, will influence the longevity of your hat (at least to some degree). However, if you treat your hat with care and respect, it should last for years! For more information on care instructions, see below.

+ How should I care for my hat?

Caring for your hat is pretty simple. When you wear your hat, be mindful of the weather forecast. If you are planning to wear a velour fur felt hat in the pouring rain, it would NOT be advised.

When storing your hat, do not weigh it down with anything on top of it. This would cause the felt stiffener to break down and end up loosing it's crisp shape. An ideal storage solution for your hat would be to place it on a hat stand or to hang it, but there are many different D.I.Y ideas you can find on the Smith & Pedersen Millinery Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest accounts.

+ Payment Methods

At this time, Smith & Pedersen Millinery is accepting PayPal payments. If you wish to use another form of payment, please visit the the Etsy shop.

+ Where can I purchase Smith & Pedersen Millinery?

At this time, you can purchase Smith & Pedersen Millinery products from the Etsy shop or on the web shop here.

+ How do I know what size hat will fit me?

For the best ways to find out what your head size is, check out the helpful instructions to measure your head size

+ Can I exchange or return my hat?

The short answer is no, all sales are final. The only exception to this is in the event that your product arrives in a defected state due to shipping. Please read carefully the instructions of how to measure your head size.